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AMC Jeep 150 2.5 Master Engine Rebuild Kit 1996-2002


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MABBCO® Master Engine Kits are Exceptional!  They are assembled using the same parts our skilled and experienced technicians use every day to build long and short blocks sold and warranted by MABBCO®.  That’s right, you benefit from our years of experience and engine stand testing!  Since we test every engine we build, when you purchase a MABBCO® kit, you know the parts you are getting are the same parts which have proven reliable through years of actual testing.

This MABBCO® Master Engine Kit is for an Jeep 2.5 motor, model years 1996 through 2002.  Each kit is custom assembled using parts based on your engine’s requirements.  Accordingly, we need to know the following: (1) model & year, (2) piston & ring size, and (3) rod & main bearing size.

Have questions on parts or sizes, just give us a call, we are available Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm and Saturday 8am - noon, CST, at 1-800-639-2949.  This MABBCO® kit will contain the following:

· Pistons-Std-030-040-060

· Piston Rings-Std-030-040-060

· Rod Bearings-Std-010-020-030

· Main Bearings-Std-010-020-030

· Cam Bearings

· Gasket Set

· Camshaft (Custom Ground, call for information on high performance or RV cams)

· Lifters

· Timing Set

· Oil Pump

· Freeze Plugs


Need additional engine parts?  Need a connecting rod, push rod, rocker arm, assembly lube, or zinc additive?  Just call and ask we’ve got you covered.  Engines are what we do, and all we do, and we have been doing it since 1964. 

Please note, the parts in the photograph are representative only, the parts in your engine kit may vary from those in the photograph.